Boozy Confections for your Lover’s Affections


What more perfect way to say I love you to dad this Father’s day than a box of Bourbon chocolates.  We here at Barseat have complied a list of  boozy , Bourbon confections that are just as good as a bottle of 20 year Pappy Van Winkle ( well maybe not that good, but real close).

Art Eatables Chocolates

“ even people who don’t like bourbon found themselves liking these truffles. You get the satisfying tastes of rich Belgian-style chocolates, paired with the elegant flavors of many of Kentucky’s most-loved bourbons.  (The best part to us — people have told us that they started buying bourbons to learn about them after buying our truffles”



Arteatables is a Chocolatier and confectioner based smack dab in the middle of bourbon country in Louisville,KY . All of the bourbon chocolates are hand made . Arteatables has 70 different small batch truffles, making the custom box possibilities endless. My first taste was with the Willet bourbon truffle while visiting the Willet distillery. It was as if I was chewing a glass of Willet bourbon. The chocolate was so creamy it enveloped my tongue and hit every taste bud with rich bourbon flavor. There is a truffle made with Wild Turkey and another made with Elijah Craig and even Woodford Reserve. They are so good at what they do they have even branched out to Rum truffles and Moonshine truffles. Each truffle is handmade, hand rolled, hand dipped and hand stamped. This is sugar and carbohydrates in its greatest form. I have NEVER tasted a truffle like this in my LIFE. Never…..never ever …..ever, ever. Get your boo a box of these chocolates and they won’t even care if it has the wrong name on the card. They are just that good


Makers Mark Bourbon Chocolates

“Maker’s Mark Bourbon Balls – do we really need to say anything else? Our fine chocolates are made in Kentucky with a bourbon infused confection center, covered in dark chocolate and topped with a pecan half. Enjoy the combination of fine bourbon and chocolate in one bite.”

They have their Premium Bourbon chocolate Truffles, Maker’s 46 Premium bourbon truffle and their Mint Julep truffles. If your previous gifts were not that great you might want to buy both.

Shohag Islam